The Bad Guy Wins in This One - Chapter Fifty Two (May)

May made her way quietly through the hallway, careful to avoid the security cameras. Several paintings sat askew and there were a couple of broken vases laying besides pedestals, but she was surprised how relatively untouched this part of the house was compared to the gaping hole Krieg blew in the third floor.

Alan can sense where someone with powers is, but my real body is secure hundreds of miles away. With any luck he can’t sense my surrogates. A small hope, but there wasn’t anything special about them besides the fact she could remote control them.

It was getting difficult to avoid the cameras. She was good at this sort of thing, but they were located to give decent coverage of each room and hall. I could just rush in and locate the targets. Even if it costs me this body, I have spares outside. She didn’t have many though, and she’d have to sneak in all over again. It would be preferable to locate and take out the target in one go if it was possible to do so.

So she continued to sneak through the mansion, trying to locate any sign of people, until she came to a ballroom and saw a slight shimmer in the air. She smiled inwardly, glad that she’d told Mirkov to bring more of the special contacts Krieg had designed. Outwardly though, she gave no indication at all that she saw anything out of the ordinary, identifying the camera locations and acting oblivious to Kevin’s location near the middle of the room.

The cameras in this room swiveled back and forth across its breadth and she was careful to stay in their blind spots, which just happened to bring her closer to Kevin. His figure began quietly moving and she realized he was leveling his gun on her. She stopped, ignoring the camera’s gaze as it swept over her.

“I have a question for you Kevin,” she said. Kevin’s figure paused for a moment and she wondered if he could tell now that she saw him or if he thought she was just guessing that he was there. Either way, he was intrigued enough not to just blow her surrogate’s head off. “When you helped destroy Sunlight City, how much were their lives worth? How much did they pay you to kill all those people?”

Kevin stood motionless and May wondered if he’d bother to answer the question. But finally he spoke, “About five dollars a person. Not nearly as much as they paid me to kill you.” And with that he pulled the trigger and the head of May’s surrogate exploded. Unfortunately for him, so did the vest of C4 May had strapped to her chest.

May wasn’t sure whether the vest responded to the heart rate monitor going off, the timer she’d set once she saw Kevin, or the detonator she’d triggered from her next surrogate. Either way, the faint sound of a large explosion told her one of her redundancies worked, blowing Kevin Knight to pieces. Five dollars. That’s all a human life was worth to him. Wasn’t aiming to get revenge, but it does feel kind of good taking that bastard out. Just have to get back into the mansion again and hope I didn’t catch Krieg in the explosion.

She grinned and stretched out of the crate her extra surrogates were stored in.