The Bad Guy Wins in This One - Chapter One (Steve)

Steven Foster stared at the candies, unable to read their labels. He reached towards one and his hand was slapped away.

“Nah, nah, nah, you want this one,” his friend Patrick said, grabbing another bar a couple stacks away and throwing it to him. “You hate cherry.” He examined the bar he was about to pick up, trying to see any indication on the label that it was cherry flavored. There were no pictures that would hint the contents.

“You learned Redartican?” he asked incredulously.

“Dobralsya, chtoby govorit' na mestnom yazyke , sobaka,” Patrick said with a grin, his perfectly white teeth in stark contrast to his dark face.

“You know you’re using the literal word for dog, right?” Steve’s girlfriend Katherine asked from beside him.

“You right, I shoulda’ used Suka.” Patrick replied with a wink.

Steve caught Katherine’s glare out of the corner of his eye and wondered how unflattering a word Patrick had just used. Maybe it was best he didn’t know. Nothing good would come of him having to beat up his team captain defending his girlfriend’s honor.

“Don’t you be throwin’ shade at me girl, you know you impressed.”

“Did you seriously learn a new language just for a class trip? And you call me a nerd,” Jared said dryly, walking up with a half chewed candy bar.

“I call you a nerd cuz’ you a skinny ass little math lover who has like two friends," Patrick threw back. "Just cuz’ I have an unquenchable thirst for learning languages so that I may equally abuse the systems in which we purvey our ideas does not make me overly intellectual nor socially impaired, thus I am not a nerd. So suck it suka.”

Steve shook his head. The ‘two friends’ barb was a low blow, though not entirely inaccurate. Fortunately for Jared, one of those two friends was Steve. Jared was almost like a brother to him and had been his best friend since they were in pre-school. The fact that Steve was now a star football player hadn’t changed that.

“Come on guys, stop bickering. We need to get back on the bus,” Steve said, patting Jared on the back. “Long way to go before we get to Novasburg.”

Jarred shrugged, but followed Steve out the door after he put back his candy bar. He didn’t need the extra carbs anyways.

He put his arm around Katherine and smiled to himself as he boarded the old bus they’d been riding around in. This vacation had actually been pretty awesome so far. There wasn’t a whole lot that beat fun times with good friends. It was even better that it was happening in a country where he didn’t have to worry about any freaks messing things up….