The Bad Guy Wins in This One - Chapter Thirty Five (Kevin)

Well that was unexpected, thought Kevin Knight. And rather problematic.

“The girl is dead. Looks like someone was trying to heal her and failed,” he subvocalized. His radio could translate movements in his throat so that he could communicate with his superiors while on the mission if there was an emergency without giving himself away.

“Doesn’t matter, bring her body. And be careful. If the person who tried to revive her is the person who was impersonating Steven Foster then you’ll be seriously outmatched if you reveal yourself.”

Outmatched? Not likely. Then again, he did escape from a room full of Blue Sky members. Although most of those guys are amateurs. He resisted the urge to snicker at the thought of driving his stolen eighteen wheeler into the E.R., which he knew was currently full of injured members of Blue Skies. He actually didn’t do as much damage as he’d hoped, slamming into Gregory Michaelson shortly after crashing through the wall.

Kevin was pretty sure he’d been told that Gregory missed the Blue Skies’ meeting, so he wasn’t sure what he was doing in the E.R. Perhaps one of his friends informed him of what happened and he’d rushed over. Regardless, he must have run across Booster at some point, because hitting him was a lot worse than hitting the hospital’s brick wall.

Fortunately, Kevin was wearing his seat belt and the impact didn’t obstruct the door. He was out in a moment, just in time to see the door ripped off its hinges by Emilia. He didn’t stick around long enough to see what she’d do to the rest of the truck. But with any luck, any present Blue Skies members who weren’t critically injured would be pouring out on the other side of the building looking for whoever threw a truck at them.

In hindsight, it was totally unnecessary. He thought he’d need a big enough distraction that he could wheel the girl to an ambulance while hooked up to all the machines keeping her alive. But now that he just needed her body, he could make them both disappear relatively easily.

Just need to wait for this kid to leave. But the kid was just holding the girl. It was difficult to read his expression with Momo’s eyes, but Kevin suddenly had a bad feeling. Kevin struck quickly as the kid raised his hand, touching him and letting his power surge forth, blinding the boy. But it wasn’t without cost as flames burst forth from the boy, covering his arm. It went out quickly but he could feel his skin blistering.

Shit, so Tasha really was right. He can use multiple powers. Kevin struggled to see as Momo panicked, then decided it might be best to sever the connection and just listen. He knew his opponent could heal, but Kevin’s power affected the brain. I don’t know how he could detect me, but if his sight returns then I could actually lose this. Dammit, I don’t care if the girl is dead, I better get the full amount for this job.

“What the hell did you do to me?” the boy asked. It didn’t have the usual panic of victims of his power. Kevin smiled. His opponent was smart, trying to get him to reveal his location by talking. But Kevin was a master of fighting while blind and wouldn’t fall for any of his own tricks. Still, if he just blasted the whole room I’d be finished. Is he worried about burning the girl’s corpse?

Momo was no longer shifting frantically, so Kevin allowed himself to see again. He’d expertly positioned himself to the side of his opponent a moment after he’d shut off his sight and he saw that his opponent was unaware of this. The boy had backed up against a wall, hands poised to blast anyone who came near, but this put him within two feet of Kevin’s position. Kevin leveled his gun and fired point blank into his opponent’s neck vertebrae.

Kevin didn’t waste an instant, grabbing the girl’s body with one arm and running through the door. He extended his cloak field around the girl and was gone. Whatever reason his superiors wanted the girl’s body for, it damn well better be worth his arm becoming barbecue. The pain was making it extremely difficult to concentrate enough to keep up his cloaking, but he knew he couldn’t drop it until he was well clear of the hospital. This is going to be a long night.