The Aftermath Academy - CH38 (Olivia)

Really didn’t expect the teleportation to send my right into the target. It’s a good thing my power level was low or my fist would have gone straight through his skull. I came out way too close to be coincidence. Did Krieg figure out how to track Bone and Chain’s power signature? If so, I think it would have been better to wait until the guy was back in hiding and I didn’t have to deal with executioners. Not that I’m complaining. This could be fun.

Reed Reinforcements falls to the roof top in front of me, unconscious. Good thing I saved his ass since Krieg would prefer this guy alive, but he’s also one of the only actual threats to me in their class. Couldn’t just let him hang out.

A modelesque blonde takes offense at the love tap I gave her comrade and charges me with a rod. I don’t know what her problem is, it isn’t like losing little bits of skull ever hurt anyone long-term, right?

Her rod snaps as it hits my body. Instead of taking the hint, she slams her fist into my face faster than I can see. I only fully realize she tried to as she backs off, her fist now a mangled mess of blood and bone. I feel a rush as my Pride energizes from the blow.

“Genevieve Sol, great hit!” I tell her. “But super strength and super speed is a really bad combo against me.” I fly towards her, reaching out my hand. If she’s smart, she’ll get the fuck away. Instead she takes a defiant stance, maybe thinking my power is defensive in nature.

Her armored friend with the long crimson hair slams into Genevieve as my fingers would have grazed her face. I jerk my hand back, only disintegrating the girl’s helmet. Her red hair is long and flowing, eyes a beautiful green with a slight glow. She’s even more beautiful in person than the magazines I’ve seen her in.

“You’re so pretty,” I gush. “But that was dumb, Miss Valkyrie. As long as your friend didn’t charge me, she would have realized I was too strong before I dealt a fatal blow and could have reacted accordingly. Unless she’s in shock from the hand or something. But I could have easily punched straight through your head just now.”

“What do you want?” Valkyrie asks me. Damn, even her voice is musical. And look at that rack! I mean it isn’t huge, like teen boys just drooling over it or anything, but she’s just so perfectly proportioned. I feel like a freaking pre-teen looking at her. This is so not fair.

I can feel my Envy rising and struggle a little to maintain my current altitude instead of shooting up above everyone.

“I’m taking Bone and Chain,” I say. “I need him for something! I think. I don’t know what. Fine. Ok, my boyfriend needs him for something. He might have told me why but I wasn’t paying much attention. Shit, speaking of, he might escape. So I’m going to go deal with that. Later!”

I begin to turn towards where I sent Bone and Chain flying off to. Dang it, hope I can find him. Krieg’s going to be annoyed if I let him slip away. Unless he really can track him. Then maybe he won’t care. Did he tell me? Were you paying attention? I definitely wasn’t. Or was I?

Maybe my short-term memory is just shot? Man, you guys really got to start paying attention to this shit for me. Especially when swords are flying towards my face. Holy shit there’s a sword!

I dodge a couple strikes reflexively, then smack myself in my head, ignoring the next strike as it hits me. “I totally forgot this isn’t a game anymore. I don’t have to dodge.” I wrap my fingers around Valkyrie’s sword and squeeze, shattering it into thousands of pieces. I can feel the energy in it, significantly stronger than normal metal would be. I bet it could cut through almost any solid substance, but it doesn’t even quite rise to the level of that hero Sky Carver’s power. “You really need a power-up if you want to fight me, Valkyrie. I read you can get more power from dead people, right? If you really want to go toe to toe, feel free to wait here and I can come back and kill all of your friends for you.”

The look on Valkyrie’s face is priceless. I am so glad I clawed the helmeted part of her armor off. Of course, I’m just joking, I won’t really come back and kill all of her friends. Trying to keep track of Bone and Chain while doing that would just be inconvenient. Though I do think she’d be fun to fight if she was stronger since I’ve heard she’s super skilled.

Ugh, stupid errand. I’ve managed to keep Valkyrie and Genevieve between me and their friends, but I would love to take on the whole lot of them at once. Unfortunately I need to go grab the target. Priorities and all that, blah blah blah.

I lower myself through the roof and out a side window, putting a little barrier between me and their group, then begin to fly in the direction Bone and Chain went hurtling. Bleh, why’d I have to hit him so hard? I can’t fly very fast and he went off like a cannon! It’s times like this I wish I had that Genevieve girl’s speed. Oh well, not like I can steal it from her or anything.