The Aftermath Academy - CH57 (Olivia)

That was a hell of a hit. The Butler’s brat? Kind of hot of him, knocking me into the stratosphere. Literally, if I keep moving at this speed, and not that long from now. Clouds fly past me in a blink as I rocket upwards, faster than I’ve ever been able to fly by orders of magnitude.

For a moment I relax, enjoying the sensation of shooting through the air at such a speed. I may not be able to feel the air rushing past, but I do have a sense of velocity. I’m already too high to get back down fast enough to make any further difference in the fight so there’s no reason not to enjoy the moment. I have to trust my team to follow through now. I’m sorry I wasn’t of more help to them in the end, but part of me is glad it turned out this way. I didn’t want to kill Valkyrie, am not even sure if I was going to, but now the decision is out of my hands.

I’ll be back, it’ll just take a bit. By the time I am, the fighting will be over, one way or another. An uncomfortable thought does occur to me though. Did The Butler’s brat hit me with enough force for me to have escape velocity?

I see the world falling away below me, cloud covering its face. I change my perspective. The world is not below me; I am below the world. I have fallen so far that the surface of the other side is where I belong. And I Envy those who stand on its surface.

My Envy fills me, adding to the deceleration caused by gravity. It fills my heart as I look at the world above me. Soon enough, I will meet the world again.