The Aftermath Academy - CH53 (Olivia)

All of it. If Void won’t come out, I’ll devour all of it. Every single thing in this damn city if I have to. Is he just hiding with other security forces? With Hope? Then I’ll eat everything around them. I’ll feast upon this wretched place and these wretched people.

I say that…but why…am I diluting my Gluttony with Greed’s eyes? I guess Greed is good, it helps me see after all. I shift my voracious tendrils slightly, avoiding casualties. Devouring limbs of people as I tear through buildings, but taxing myself to push people out of the way so that I don’t swallow them entirely.

I don’t understand myself sometimes. It’s not like most of these people are innocent. They’re just the uber rich, buying space in Hope’s Bastion. Living carefree while the rest of the world wonders whether they’ll survive tomorrow.

I swerve my attacks to avoid a crying child. Is that why? Isn’t what we’re doing here more important than a few children? It’s not like I’ve never had a child’s blood on my hands. But maybe, if I can’t at least try to avoid that sort of thing, maybe we don’t deserve to win. I’m so tired of accidents. Yeah, that’s why, I’ll try to be more careful this time.

I’ll be more careful as I destroy that fucking tower. I guess I need to be anyways. I can’t kill Hope, not yet. Not until our plan is done. If I kill her now, then all of this was for nothing. I can see the tower come into view through my Greed, I come in from the top, obliterating floor after floor.

Then my Gluttony disintegrates as it hits a barrier. It’s almost like hitting one of The God of the West’s bubble barriers, only it’s invisible. Yeah, that’s Void this time. Come on Void, why don’t you come out and play with me? You can’t take all of my powers from where you are. So why don’t you come play over here?

I consolidate the tendrils of Gluttony into a single devouring head, drawing a solid straight line through the city between him and me. The head is being disintegrated. If he’s smart, Void will stay where he is, with the people he’s with. He should guess if my target is Hope that I could split my tendril again and attack from behind.

Fortunately, part of why we’re doing this actually, is that our opponents are a bunch of fucking morons. Void begins to step forward, disintegrating more of my Gluttony. He’s coming now, heading my way. And I’m certain Abe and Krieg know exactly where he is now. I basically drew them a goddamn arrow after all.

There’s a flicker in the corner of my eye and I raise my left arm above my face. I feel a sword sink halfway through the bone before my Pride catches the blade. Damn, it’d just barely been repaired to functionality.

“Valkyrie, huh? Looks like you got that power-up I told you to get. I’m busy though, and I’m sure I warned you… that I couldn’t promise you’d escape alive if you got in my way again.”