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The Bad Guy Wins in This One -

Following the greatest tragedy in his nation’s history, Jared Butler finds his time to grieve impeded by his own kidnapping. Not understanding why he was taken, Jared soon finds himself in the middle of an international intrigue he never thought possible.

Meanwhile, members of the Consolidated States government have their suspicions that the accident which killed millions was anything but accidental. As they investigate the incident the search is on to answer the questions: How would someone orchestrate such a catastrophe? Who would have anything to gain? And what can be done to repair the damage already done?

The only thing that is certain, is The Bad Guy Wins in This One.

The primary purpose of this site is to get more feedback to make these works even better, so I hope if you’re interested in that you might be willing to leave some constructive criticism. But, before you get started, I should make the standard trigger warning that there is violence and profanity in these stories. So if that’s a deal breaker for you, or you aren’t of legal age and don’t have parental permission, I encourage you to find another story to sate your interests.

Also if you make or contribute to a TV Tropes page for this site I'll love you forever. XD

The Bad Guy Wins in This One has been posted in its entirety

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