The Bad Guy Wins in This One - Chapter Twenty Seven (Mirkov)

Mirkov wondered how the kids were doing. He’d tracked a lot of their progress using the tech Krieg was having them use. But he hadn’t checked the data logs in a couple of days. He knew right now it was mostly mundane stuff. Nothing of any real value was being said and he had analysts monitoring the feeds to let him know if anything important transpired. There was very little he could do at the moment except hope that at the end of the day he would at least get Jared back.

He looked over his experiment results and sighed. Without Jared, there was no real point in continuing these experiments. Jared’s cells managed to maintain their special properties outside of his body much longer than the genetic material of most of the empowered.

But even Jared’s only lasted so long. What little material he had left was no longer showing any sign of retaining Jared’s healing properties. Unfortunate for the rats he was currently using. Their squeals quieted as they died.

When he’d started experimenting with Jared’s cells, he realized their potential when one of the twenty rats survived the mortal wounds he inflicted on them. Over half had healed from their wounds, but most had then promptly died from cancer. Jared’s cells could be used to heal, but would quickly go out of control.

What was more, they seemed to adapt to their new host. It remained to be seen if the effect would last indefinitely, but the test subject that didn’t die from the cancerous growth showed no sign of rejecting the cells he’d introduced to its body. Jared’s cells became like stem cells, adopting their hosts DNA and matching perfectly. While Jared was still with him, he’d been able to figure out a way to inhibit the cancerous growth properties the cells often displayed and dramatically improve the success rate.

Jared’s powers could be the key to curing human injury and illness on an unimaginable scale, and those bastards at Black Rain are wasting him on a suicide mission. He ground his teeth in frustration. He hoped they would manage to pull off the mission, but he didn’t think their odds were very good. He would have to see how his backup plan for dealing with Black Rain was coming along.

“Krieg, how’s your progress?” he asked over his radio. He was met with silence. “Krieg, so help me, if you’re blasting music so loud you can’t hear again I am going to ground you, young man.” Still silence. Dammit kid. He debated internally whether he needed to know how Krieg’s work was going enough to go pay his lab a visit in person. Then he looked at his own failed test subjects and decided he didn’t have anything better to do. Krieg was probably just ignoring his empty threat to ground the boy.

Minutes later, what he found at Krieg’s lab made him wish he’d kept messing around with his own experiments. Damn that kid. I told him to build the prototype, not take it for a spin. His mother is so going to kill me.

Mirkov realized his attempts to isolate Krieg from the actual fighting while still making use of his gifts was about to be rendered futile. Krieg had finished the prototype weaponry he was working on and clearly chose to use it himself. Well, let’s see if Alan sees this one coming.