The Aftermath Academy - Foreward

Hey everyone,

My site admin thinks we'll be good to go for starting The Aftermath Academy on Saturday, so crossing my fingers that those of you who liked The Bad Guy Wins in This One will enjoy its sequel.

I started The Bad Guy Wins In This One randomly on a bus going through Poland in the middle of the night after reading some TV Tropes pages. It was a blast to write but had only the barest of snippets I can directly tie to having been inspired by other works, mostly from shows of my childhood like Teen Titans.

The Aftermath Academy was written after far more exposure to parahuman literature and is actively chalk full of expies, pastiches, tips of the hat, and other forms of allusion. I hope if you enjoyed the first novel you'll find yourself entertained and engaged by this one, as I had even more fun writing it.

But it's a shift in narrative viewpoint and style so it may lose some of you off the bat, so sorry about that. Regardless, if you haven't already you should hit up some of the following.

General kudos to the following:
Super Powereds by Drew Hayes
Worm by Wildbow
Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
Citadel: Training in Necessity by Unillustrated
Grrl Power by DaveB

Special kudos for helping plant the seeds that became Aftermath's protagonists:
RWBY - Created by Monty Oum and put on by Rooster Teeth
The Girl Who Would be King by Kelly Thompson

I hope you'll enjoy reading the journeys Pyrrha and Olivia go through.

All the best,
The Author